Hand rejuvenation –to make your hands look younger!

As you already know, the hand skin ages faster than the facial skin, thus, skin aging is more visible on the hands. Hand skin is more prone to blemishes (so-called “aging spots”), wrinkling, drying out … Why does this happen? Are you wondering how to rejuvenate your hands? Don’t worry, it’s possible!


Dermatologists have determined that hands age much faster than the face. It’s not surprising, considering that hands are constantly exposed to external influences – wind, cold, high temperatures, sun rays, various chemicals (soaps, detergents …). Already thin and delicate hand skin is susceptible to dry, peel, get thinner – even blemishes and enlarged blood vessels can occur. It loses youthfulness and elasticity, gets rougher, and aging is visible.

We often pay less attention to the hands than to the face when it comes to everyday care.

People who regularly take care of their face, using anti-aging creams, treatments, and undergo skin rejuvenation procedures, successfully slow down the aging process by “wiping out” facial wrinkles, but care less about their hands.

Even those who use hand creams at least once a day know that in order to preserve the youthful appearance of their hands, it is necessary to be persistent. Research shows that regular hand care helps delay skin aging if you have been continuously nourishing your hands for 20 months! And even then, with time, age stains start to appear.

“So what to do?” You wonder. “How to rejuvenate hands and make them more youthful?”

Today, there is a way to make your hands look young again, more nourished, and beautiful with treatments and procedures specifically tailored to the hand skin.

At the Diva Clinic, hand rejuvenation is successfully performed by experts in cosmetic surgery and dermatology. Different methods are used, depending on the patient’s age and skin condition.

How to successfully rejuvenate your hands?

A combination of laser and PRP method provides excellent results. A great option is also mesotherapy as well as hyaluronic acid fillers, evidenced by over 25 years of successful work with patients.

Depending on the problem (stains, enlarged capillaries, loose or thin skin) which is determined by examination, methods can be combined or done individually to rejuvenate your hands with the best results!

At the Diva Clinic, there are several techniques of hand rejuvenation. The 4D Combo laser helps the formation of NEW collagen and elastin in the skin and making it tighter and stainless, while the PRP method (blood plasma treatment) with the help of growth factors restores freshness and youthful-looking skin.

Mesotherapy helps the skin get everything it needs when it comes to vitamins and amino acids, and improves circulation and strengthens subcutaneous connective tissue, while hyaluronic acid fillers restore hydration and tone.

When to start with hand rejuvenation procedures?

It is recommended to start with light hand rejuvenation treatments after turning 30,to prevent – slow down the aging process. Combined procedures are recommended later in life.

The benefit of all these treatments is that naturally remove the signs of aging!


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