3 ways how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes – a recipe for facial rejuvenation!

Does your face look tired, sleepless and older than it is? Do you have dark circles and bags under the eyes? Don’t worry, because there is an effective solution, not just one, but 3!


Main causes of dark circles under the eyes are loss of adipose tissue in the upper cheeks, chronic fatigue syndrome, lack of sleep, genetic predisposition , poor nutrition, allergic reactions, smoking, poor circulation… Dark circles under the eyes can occur regardless of age. They affect self-esteem, even more than facial wrinkles. The reason is very simple, because of the pronounced dark circles, people often look older than they really are, and they also seem to suffer from some disease.

A few years ago, If you had asked a doctor how to remove the dark under-eye circles, they would have answered that the only way is surgery. However, this is no longer the case. There is effective non-surgical removal of dark circles, with a natural effect!

At the Diva“ Clinic, there are several techniques for treating dark circles:

  • mesotherapy whitening cocktail (most commonly used for dark circles),
  • injecting hyaluronic acid using Pixel cannula technique (reduces “tired” face appearance and size of bags under the eyes) and
  • Meso threads (tightens the skin).

Depending on the dark under-eye circles, as well as the age of the patient, these three procedures are sometimes combined, and sometimes only one of these is sufficient to achieve excellent results. At the Diva Clinic, after a FREE consultative examination, an expert in cosmetic surgery or dermatology advises the patient which technique in this particular case would be the best option.

The advantages of these methods for removing dark circles under eyes are:

  • no scarring,
  • the recovery period is very short,
  • general anesthesia is unnecessary,
  • the procedure is short,
  • the result is a natural facial look.

There is a solution for both dark circles and bags under the eyes with an appropriate combination of these methods.


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