CONDYLOMA - CONDYLOMATA ACUMINATA - genital warts removal by radio waves

Condyloma – viral genital warts

Why condyloma should be treated vigorously


What is condyloma

Condyloma is warty outgrowths of the skin in the anogenital region caused by human papillomaviruses.

Where they occur most often

Condyloma, also known as genital warts, most commonly occurs in the genital area and the anus. They can be in the form of flat, hard to spot papule or a mushroom or cauliflower shape with a narrow or wide base of normal skin color to dark brown. Patients often mix them with moles, warts or keratosis.

What are the causative factors of condyloma

The cause of condyloma are HPV – human papillomaviruses 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 32, 33, 35.

Infection with this virus is sexually transmitted.

From contact to the appearance of the condyloma takes 2 – 6 months.

Because of the viral origin, there is a possibility of self-spreading through the body from one place to another (autoinoculation) and transmission of the virus to other people by sexual contact.

Why condyloma should be treated vigorously

Condyloma removal prevents their further spreading throughout the patient’s body and prevents it from spreading to other people by sexual contact.

What are the methods of treating condyloma

Treatment methods are liquid nitrogen, electrocautery, laser removal, or radio wave method. Based on extensive studies, the radio wave method has shown a high degree of efficacy – the cure rate is 97%, while other methods do not exceed 60 – 75%. Condyloma is removed with just one intervention. In just a few minutes it is possible to remove 20-30 of these skin changes. Patients are most satisfied with the radio wave technique Removal is easy and painless with the use of topical anesthetic.

How to choose a doctor

You can get unpleasant experiences with radio waves only if your doctor does not have the necessary knowledge and experience. For an experienced radio wave surgeon these are very simple interventions regardless of condyloma size or location, so choose wisely where you will be treated.

Author of the text: MD Specialist Svetlana Bogdanović Rašković

expert in plastic surgery

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