Welcome to DIVA dr Bogdanović Clinic

Diva Clinic was founded 30 years ago by Dr. Svetlana Bogdanovic, MD specialist. This medical institution was the first one on the Balkans that established standards for laser dermatology – dermatological and surgical lasers, as well as modern equipment for:

  • laser rejuvenation,
  • acne scars removal, acne treatment, skin patches removal and capillaries removal, stretch marks removal and weight loss,
  • as well as rejuvenation and anti-age procedures with hyaluronic fillers (dermal fillers), meso threads, mesotherapy i PRP,
  • laser hair removal - laser epilation,
  • and skin lesions removal with radio waves surgery (moles, warts, xanthelasmas, sebaceous cysts, condylomas - genital warts, keratosis...), 5 years later.

Since 2005. in Diva dr Bogdanovic Clinic diagnosis of moles and all other skin lesions, as an addition to clinical examination, is performed by complex and precise Mole Max device.

In Diva dr Bogdanovic Clinic there are 10 dermatology lasers, 2 devices for radio waves surgery, and 8 MD specialists in dermatology and plastic surgery.

You can find Diva dr Bogdanovic Clinic in three places in Belgrade: Kosovska street 34, Njegoševa street 19a and Zoran Djindjic Boulevard 125d, where team of experts, 8 MD specialists of aesthetic surgery (plastic surgery) and dermatology, take care of health and radiance of your skin.

Meet Diva dr Bogdanovic Clinic`s team od experts


Dr. Svetlana Bogdanović
MD specialist

specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery
dr slavica pekovic poliklinika DIVA

Dr. Slavica Peković
MD specialist

specialist in Dermatovenereology
dr marija sejnjanovic poliklinika diva

Dr. Marija Šejnjanović
MD specialist

specialist in Dermatovenereology

Dr. Milica Ranitović Kruščić
MD specialist

specialist in Dermatovenereology
dr vesna marinkovic pjescic poliklinika diva

Dr. Vesna Marinković Pješčić
MD specialist

specialist in Physical Medicine

Aleksandra Rakićević, MD

Dermatology resident

Dr. Hristina
Miladinović, MD

Dermatology resident

DIVA dr Bogdanovic Clinic video presentation

Aesthetic clinic – DIVA dr Bogdanovic Clinic is dermatological institution with the longest tradition on the Balkans. It specializes in diagnostics and removal of moles, warts, fibroma and keratosis, rejuvenation, anti-aging procedures and wrinkles removal, removal of freckles and capillaries, acne treatment and laser hair removal for 30 years. Team of experts in Diva Clinic regularly monitor developments in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine and dermatology and set standards in our country.

Gallery before and after procedures

Usne Hijaluron PRE ProcedureUsne Hijaluron POSLE Procedure

Baggy eyes correction and nasolabial wrinkles removal with hyaluronic fillers – dermal fillers and lips rejuvenation with pix’l cannula technique

Podmlađivanje, korekcija bora i lifting laserom PREPodmlađivanje, korekcija bora i lifting laserom POSLE

Rejuvenation, small wrinkles correction and lifting effect of 4D combo laser anti-age procedure

Povecanje usana hijaluronom PREPovecanje usana hijaluronom POSLE

Lip augmentation and rejuvenation with lip fillers

uklanjanje podocnjaka i nazolabijalnih bora hijaluronom PREuklanjanje podocnjaka i nazolabijalnih bora hijaluronom POSLE

Baggy eyes correction treatment and nasolabial wrinkles removal combined with mid face lift via hyaluronic fillers – dermal fillers applied by pixel cannula technique


  • When you’re a public figure there is some kind of responsibility regarding to what you say, how you behave and how you look. It is not my intention to change my appearance, but to discreetly influence …
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    Olivera Kovačević
    Entertainment program editor of Radio Television of Serbia
  • When I first came to the Diva Clinic I said to MD Svetlana Bogdanovic that I do not want to be perfect, I want my face to talk about me, about my memories and challenges…
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    Tanja Anđelković
    Director of Sales and Marketing, Radio S, mother of four sons
  • I am very happy with the results! After heavy film makeup the freshness of my skin is back again. My face is taut and bright. I recommend “Laser + PRP” method because…
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    Gala Videnović
  • I started cooperation with the Diva Clinic 15 years ago. In this region, MD Dr Bogdanovic is a pioneer in radio waves surgery and laser dermatology with constant innovation. During the cooperation…
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    Milica Bursać
    TV host
  • I was looking for a treatment to rejuvenate and eliminate wrinkles, which is painless, fast, durable, without needles, welling and with short recovery time. I wanted a comfortable and effective treatment…
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    Natasa Novičić
    Financial Director of NEVENA&AllMe, mother of a teenager
  • I am deeply indebted to Diva Clinic and MD Svetlana Bogdanović because they have removed couple of moles from my face which gave me trouble during shaving. Treatment and friendliness of the staff has contributed…
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    Aleksandar Sanja Ilić
  • My face is my trademark. That is why I constantly listen to my skin. At the beginning of the new working season I wanted to restore the freshness, lightness and a sense that the skin can breathe freely…
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    Vanja Jošić
  • To the Diva Clinic I come from Slovenia to laser hair removal. I have read on the Internet which laser is the best rated so I chose the Diva Clinic, as the Lumenis has proved…
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    DanjeŁčk Ko
  • In our house my son Lav answers the phone and if I am not present he says: “Mom went to the Diva Clinic so she would return to me even more beautiful.” So my middle name became Diva…
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    Nina Radulović
    TV host, anchorwoman, journalist
  • I was a little scared, and I was waiting for the doctor to start and already take off that wart, but she was already finished…

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    najmladji pacijent poliklinike DIVA
    Anja Gračanin
  • I get up at 3.15 am in the morning for the show “Svitanje”, because I work on TV Pink. A lack of sleep and heavy studio makeup are a big challenge for skin. Under the spotlights, natural “breathing” of my skin, through the closed…
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    Irena Jovanović
    TV host, anchorwoman

DIVA Clinic in media

Rejuvenation with NEW TwinLight laser

TV show “Izlaz”

Warts removal and moles removal with radio waves surgery

TV show “RTS ordinacija”

MD Bogdanović demonstrates lip augmentation with dermal fillers

TV show “RTS ordinacija”

Laser acne treatment - tennis player Aleksa Marjanović

TV show “Praktična žena” on Prva TV

Diva poliklinika Dr Bogdanovic


Kosovska street 34,
Njegoševa street 19a,
Antifašističke borbe street 37,
Belgrade, Serbia


+381 11 32 42 841
+381 63 338 334


From Monday to Friday: 9am - 8pm
Saturdays: 9am - 3pm