Neck rejuvenation – 4 ways to make your neck look younger!

Daily facial care is very important if we want to slow down the aging process and creating of new wrinkles, so neck care is a MUST if we want a youthful look. Neck skin ages faster, therefore, needs regular care. Here are some tips from experts in dermatology and plastic surgery.


What can I do to make my neck look younger?”, is frequently asked question by patients at the “Diva” Clinic. That’s why we singled out 4 proven ways for the neck rejuvenation. The first tip is to treat your neck with the same care as your face. This means that you also apply your daily facial care routine to your neck. However, this is often not enough, especially if wrinkles, dry skin, loose skin, first freckles and loss of skin tone have already occurred. Here’s what you can do to help your neck rejuvenate!

1. 4D combo laser neck rejuvenation

Neck rejuvenation with 4D Combo laser  is a great method for many reasons:

  • treatment is done WITHOUT needles ,
  • after the procedure, there is NO swelling or bruising,
  • wrinkles are reduced,
  • skin lift effect is achieved,
  • the skin on the neck is rejuvenated,
  • the neck is tighter and firmer,
  • the first freckles disappeare,
  • treatment is FAST and comfortable,
  • recovery is easy.

After treatment with a 4D Combo laser, the skin on the neck regenerates and produces new collagen and elastin, so it regains a youthful look. This procedure is recommended for patients over 35 years of age.

2. Hyaluronic acid neck rejuvenation

Another great way to rejuvenate your neck is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid, as a natural substance that already exists in the skin:

  • hydrates the skin of the neck,
  • maintains tone,
  • neutralizes harmful free radicals ,
  • eliminates wrinkles ,
  • rejuvenates skin on the neck,
  • does not cause allergic reactions  (because it is a natural substance ),
  • the effect lasts up to 2 years  (depending on the skin type and patient’s age),
  • slows down the aging process,
  • the procedure takes about 10 minutes.

There is no lower age limit for this procedure.

3. Hollywood lift – neck rejuvenation

Neck rejuvenation with Hollywood lift  procedure is the right choice for those who want to have treatment as Hollywood stars! This combination of hyaluronic acid and meso cocktails:

  • reduces neck wrinkles,
  • tightens the skin on the neck,
  • gives a fresh and youthful look to the neck,
  • retains its natural appearance,
  • hydrates skin,
  • rejuvenates the neck,
  • makes the skin more elastic.

The procedure can be performed throughout the year.

4. 3D meso threads neck rejuvenation

If you decide to undergo 3D meso threads neck rejuvenation,  you won’t regret it! It’s a great choice if you are over 50 years old or your neck skin has lost its tonus. The effects of this procedure can last up to 2 years (depends on skin type and patient’s age). with 3D meso threads technique, elastic threads are nonsurgically placed in all skin levels and in all directions, which creates new collagen – a new supporting network for the skin of the neck. After the treatment:

  • a natural look is preserved,
  • wrinkles are reduced,
  • the neck is tightened and
  • rejuvenated, and
  • the lifting effect is achieved.

And the procedure itself is:

  • short,
  • comfortable and
  • without long recovery period.

These are just some of the procedures at the Diva Clinic that provide GREAT results when it comes to neck rejuvenation. Also, when procedures are combined, the effect is even better and lasts longer!

At the Diva Clinic, all of these treatments are performed by experts in dermatology and plastic surgery with over 25 years of experience, and you can ALWAYS get the best advice during a FREE consultation.

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