Laser hair removal with a NEW medical laser - remove unwanted hair!

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that safely removes unwanted hair from the face and body. It is completely harmless and non-invasive and can be used on both women and men. For a very fast and convenient way to remove body and facial hair, medical experts from “Diva” Clinic recommend Light Sheer diode lasers. By using them, we can achieve long-lasting results.

Unwanted hair is a big problem for both women and men. To women, the most common problem is unwanted hair on the face, bikini zone, lower legs, and armpits.
Laser hair removal on these regions is recommended because these are places where ingrown hairs usually lead to inflammation of the hair follicle – folliculitis, leading to the formation of pimples on the skin. The safest way to cure folliculitis and ingrown hair is  medical laser hair treatment.

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Laser hair removal can be performed on all parts of the body except the eye region.
Increased hair growth in men is mostly concentrated in the regions of cheekbones, neck, shoulders, back and belly.
Men use laser hair removal for aesthetic reasons, and some, like sportsmen and athletes for a practical reason.

Who performs laser hair removal at the DIVA Clinic?

At “Diva” Clinic, laser hair removal is performed by experts in dermatology certified to work with medical lasers, with many years of experience in performing the most advanced laser treatments.

Which lasers are used for hair removal at the “Diva” Clinic?

At the “Diva” Clinic, laser hair removal is performed with 2 NEW diode lasers:
  • Light Sheer and
  • Desire.

Why is it important to choose diode laser Desire or Light Sheer for long-term hair removal?

Diode lasers have proven themselves over many years in clinical practice as safe and very efficient of all hair removal lasers.

This is the reason why all the prestigious clinics in Europe and America work frequently with diode lasers.


How does Desire and Light Sheer lasers remove unwanted hair?

Laser beam is directed into the skin (with computer monitoring), and has its own contact cooling system, which is essential for safety and efficiency during the treatment. The laser beam is absorbed by the hair follicle pigment – melanin and light energy of the laser beam is converted into heat, which destroys hair follicles – photothermolysis.

At the “Diva” Clinic, laser hair removal is performed by experts in dermatology certified to work with medical lasers, with many years of experience.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Yes, it is safe when experts perform the treatment. Even the armpit and bikini zone areas can be treated, since the laser beam penetrates only a few millimeters into the skin so it is not dangerous for the glandular structures that are much deeper.

Laser hair removal can be used to treat all parts of the body except the region around the eyes.

Is laser hair removal painless?

During treatment, modern lasers for hair removal cool skin at the same time. This is important for skin protection – it doesn’t allow overheating and reduces the pain. Some body parts which are more sensitive to pain or where the density of hair follicles is higher, patient can feel a tingling sensation, but most of the patients are extremely tolerant to the procedure.

What are the results of laser hair removal?

LIGHT SHEER and DESIRE can treat all skin types.

High energy of 100J/cm2 gives very good results when it comes to laser hair removal, and possibility of extending the pulse duration to 400ms allows us to safely treat all skin types.

By increasing the frequency of the laser beam, duration of treatment is reduced which is important for larger regions (whole legs or male back can be done in less than 2 hours).

How long should hair be before laser hair removal?

Hair should be approximately 1 mm long.


What to expect after a laser hair removal?

After the laser treatment the skin is slightly red, but redness disappears quickly (depending on skin type, from 15 minutes to several hours). After one laser hair removal treatment, hair is reduced between 20% and 30%(depending on how much hair is in the active growth phase).

How many laser hair removal treatments are needed?

It is important to know that the effect achieved with a medical laser is LONG-LASTING.

  • It takes only 4 to 5 treatments for hair removal (depends on type of skin and hair).
  • Treatments are done 4 to 10 weeks apart.

Who can do the laser hair removal?

Both men and women can remove hair with medical lasers (codified age).

What is the difference between a cosmetic and a medical laser and which one to choose?

Today, there are various so-called lasers on the market, it is important to differentiate cosmetic appliances from medical:

Cosmetic hair removal devices

Cosmetic hair removal devices are not lasers and have low light beam energies, which only slows down hair growth, so patients have the impression that the treatment is effective because the hair do not grow for a certain period of time.

Medical lasers for hair removal

Medical lasers, on the other hand, have a strong laser beam energy that destroys the hair follicle. Difference in laser beam power also gives different effect. The effect achieved with cosmetic lasers is long-lasting.

The effect achieved with cosmetic lasers is temporary, on the other side, medical laser has a long-term effect.

Expert advice:

4 weeks before and after laser hair removal is not allowed:

  • bleaching hair,
  • using tweezers,
  • waxing,

For whom is not recommended laser hair removal treatment?

  • pregnant women
  • patients with epilepsy
  • patients with vitiligo
  • patients with lupus or other autoimmune connective tissue diseases

The price of one laser hair removal treatment is determined on the FREE consultation.


Whether this procedure is the right choice for a particular skin type and condition will be assessed by a specialist doctor during free consultations, and according to that, they will suggest an appropriate procedure. The number of treatments needed is individual and depends on several factors.

The results of the procedure can vary from patient to patient, and this is influenced by several factors including genetics, hormonal status, and the lifestyle of each individual.

At the “Diva” Clinic procedures are performed by experts in plastic surgery and dermatology – consultations are FREE of charge. You can schedule your appointment by contacting us on:

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