Capillaries removal, hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores treatments

Freckles on the skin, hyperpigmentation on the face, capillaries and enlarged pores are common reasons why many patients visit the “Diva” clinic. This is because our experts in dermatology with over 28 years of experience work with a NEW laser – IPL Lumecca – laser with proven efficiency in clinical practice!

Skin changes – freckles, hyperpigmentation, broken blood vessels, and enlarged pores are common aesthetic problems that can affect patient’s self-esteem. Therefore, first, we will explain how these changes occur, and then how they can be effectively removed and remedied with the innovative IPL technology – the Lumecca InMode laser, which gives fantastic results comparing to all the other treatment methods.

At “Diva” Clinic, all changes on the skin are removed with an IPL Lumecca InMode laser. At “Diva” Clinic, experts in dermatology use this particular laser because it has proven to be an excellent therapy for all skin problems.


Whether expressed in the form of freckles or larger surfaces, hyperpigmentation represents discoloration compared to surrounding tissue (color range brown to black), most commonly occurring on the face – forehead, cheeks, chin and upper lip, but may also affect the hands and other body parts as well. Hyperpigmentation is an excess production of melanin, which is more noticeable during the summer (due to the sun exposure).
Sometimes, an excess production of melanin occur. Women are more prone to hyperpigmentation than men (for men, it occurs in 10% of cases). To women, hyperpigmentation appear darker.
There are many different forms of skin patches, and these are the most common:
  • Pigmentation spots (these include freckles and age spots) are the result of exposure to the sun’s rays and appear precisely on those parts of the body that are frequently exposed – on the face and hands.
  • Melasma or chloasma (also known as “mask of pregnancy”) affects 90% of pregnant women.
  • Under the influence of hormones (during pregnancy or with the use of birth control pills), dark irregular spots appear on the skin.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation occur after skin injury.

Causes of hyperpigmentation

There are many factors that lead to the excess production of melanin:

  • sun exposure,
  • use of essential oils that can leave patches on the skin,
  • tanning booth,
  • use of birth control pills,
  • pregnancy,
  • skin aging,
  • stress and low immunity,
  • previous skin conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis…),
  • intoxication of the body,
  • hormonal effects,
  • genetic predisposition,
  • traumatic injuries (cuts or burns),
  • allergic reaction to food when patches remain permanent,
  • consequence of certain medicines use.

Enlarged capillaries

If you have a problem with enlarged capillaries on the face, you are not the only one! 67% of world’s population have a problem with enlarged capillaries. This happens due to circulatory disorders, and may occur in multiple forms – isolated in small groups – as tree branches, as spider webs or as lines.

The causes of enlarged capillaries

Enlarged capillaries can be caused by:

  • genetic predisposition,
  •  pregnancy,
  • prolonged exposure to wind or sunlight,
  • overweight
  •  use of specific medicines,
  • climatic factors (extremely high and low temperatures),
  • skin injury,

Enlarged pores

Enlarged pores is common to people with oily or mixed facial skin, but can be also caused by squeezing blackheads as well.

Causes of enlarged pores

Enlarged pores can occur due to:

  • skin type (oily and mixed skin are more prone to enlarged pores),
  • hereditary factor,
  • too much sun exposure,
  • constant exposure to high temperatures

Is there a way to get rid of hyperpigmentation, enlarged capillaries and pores?

At “Diva” Clinic, all this skin problems are treated with the IPL Lumecca InMode laser. Experts in dermatology at “Diva” Clinic use this laser because it has proven to be an excellent therapy for problematic skin. Due to its wavelength, it simultaneously affects all skin structures.

Benefits of the IPL Lumecca InMode laser for treating hyperpigmentation, enlarged capillaries and pores

IPL Lumecca laser treatment is:

  • very comfortable for the patient (laser has contact cooling system),
  • non-invasive,
  • without recovery period (patient can use makeup immediately after the treatment),
  • painless,
  • without signs of irritation after treatment (skin redness, peeling, swelling …).

This laser is also proved to be a GREAT way to treat rosaceae and seborrheic dermatitis!

How many treatments are needed to remove hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores and capillaries?

2 to 3 treatments are needed, 3 to 4 weeks apart (depends on the patient’s age and skin type).

Do hyperpigmentation and enlarged capillaries and pores reappear after treatment?

You need to know that few months after the successful removal of these skin changes, it is necessary to use SUNSCREEN – creams or lotions with SPF, because the skin is still sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, and these changes can reappear.

Since these changes are also influenced by the hereditary factor, after a few years, hyperpigmentation and enlarged capillaries may begin to reappear, it is recommended to repeat 1 treatmant every 2 to 5 years.

Visit the “Diva” Clinic and rediscover the beauty of your skin!

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