Hyaluronic fillers - dermal fillers - for wrinkles removal and face and neck rejuvenation

Hyaluronic fillers are a very good choice for naturally rejuvenation of the face and neck, elimination of the wrinkles, and also to restore shape and fullness of your lips. Hyaluronic filler is very popular anti-aging method, because it restores youthful freshness to lips, face and neck in a natural and completely safe way. Procedure itself is very short and takes only 15 minutes.


Over the years, the skin of face and neck loses its elasticity, becomes thin and dry, wrinkles appear, becomes saggy, and lips become thinner. However, this process can be prevented with the help of hyaluronic acid! Also, once the skin is treated with hyaluronic acid it ages slower.

Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan – a natural substance that already exists in the connective tissue of the skin, and by applaying, it harmoniously combines with the tissue.


Our specialist doctors will assess during a free consultation which procedure will yield results, and whether this procedure is optimal.

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What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronan (hyaluronic fillers, hyaluronic acid) is a glycosaminoglycan – a natural substance that already exists in the connective tissue of the skin and has multiple functions:
  • hydration of the skin (it is capable of binding up to 500 molecules of water),
  • maintain skin tightness and
  • neutralization of very harmful free radicals.

By binding water, hyaluronic acid provides better hydration of tissue.

As the years go by, our skin loses its elasticity, tonus, and hydration is reduced due to the resorption of hyaluronic acid, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, hyaluronic acid fillers are inserted under the skin in order to correct the deficiencies.

When is the use of hyaluronic acid recommended?

This procedure is very popular because it is appropriate for all ages! There is no age limit to use hyaluronic fillers.

Best is to start with treatments when first wrinkles appear regardless of age since they are easier to correct as soon as they occur in order to prevent their deepening.


Why Pixel cannula technique?

 Pixel cannula is advanced technique that returns a youthful appearance to your skin and minimize chance of complications There are no bruises after this treatment!

In order to increase the safety of hyaluronic fillers applications (to prevent intravascular injection, which can occur when needles are used), world-class experts recommend the Pixel cannula technique.

Newest recommendation by experts is that hyaluronic acid is no longer injected into wrinkles, but used for recovering depleted volume in the zone around the eyes, middle of the face or cheekbones, which gives cheeks better shape and erases wrinkles between nose and lips. With the Pixel cannula technique we achieved very good face lift and elimination of  “saggy cheeks”, as well as double chin.

Biggest bonuses of this treatment are:

  • simplicity,
  • higher effectiveness,
  • natural and fresh look of the skin and
  • comfort.

It is recommended that this procedure is repeated at least once in a year.

Is this procedure safe?

This is a very popular antiaging procedure because hyaluronic acid is a natural substance.

Together with lasers it is one of the most popular anti-aging procedures due to its efficiency because the wrinkles can be eliminated in a short time, and the effect is IMMEDIATELY visible.

This makes hyaluronic acid fillers as an excellent alternative to cosmetic surgery, and procedure is comfortable and effective.


Hyaluronic fillers – dermal fillers – experiences and results

Treatment of the face, neck and lips with hyaluronic fillers provide great long-lasting results.

How does the treatment work?

By restoring the hyaluronan, quantity of water in the tissue is renewed, and makes skin:

  • hydrated,
  • more elastic and
  • tight.

Wrinkles are filled/removed, so the patient restores a youthful appearance. This way patient gets a effect of tightened and refreshed face.

Hyaluronic fillers, therefore, represent verz efficient anti-aging procedure for the elimination of wrinkles, facial contouring and skin rejuvenation.

After the procedure with hyaluronic acid fillers, skin is moisturized, elastic, rejuvenated, firm, toned and has a youthful freshness.

What are the results of hyaluronic fillers?

  • face and neck rejuvenation,
  • contouring of cheeks and cheekbones,
  • contouring the jaw line,
  • filled nasolabial furrows (lines that go from the base of the nose to the outer corner of the mouth – wrinkles of the nose and cheeks),
  • contouring and filling of lips,
  • refreshing of the lip lines,
  • filled wrinkles around the eyes,
  • filled wrinkles around the lips,
  • rejuvenation of hands,
  • filled tiny scars.
lip- augmentation-hyaluronic-fillers-clinic-diva-dr-bogdanovic-before-and-after

How long does the effect of hyaluronic fillers last?

Effect last from 10 to 15 months (depending on type and region which is treated).

Lip filler – hyaluronic filler – lip augmentation, modeling and contouring

After treating the lips with hyaluronic fillers they are:

  • full,
  • pink,
  • beautiful and
  • natural.

The results of filling the lips with hyaluronic fillers are immediately visible and improved after a day or two after the treatment, lasting from 6 to 9 months initially, and if the treatment is repeated after 6 months, the effect is visible for longer than 12 months.

How does the treatment look like at the “Diva” Clinic?

First, the local anesthetic (in the for of cream) is applied:

  • to minimalize the pain and
  • the patient feels no discomfort.

Afterwards hyaluronic filler is injected into the treating area. Procedure at the “Diva” Clinic is performed by experts in dermatology and plastic surgery with decades of experience, with the help of the new Pixel cannula technique. The procedure is comfortable, safe and simple, and the effect is visible immediately after treatment.

How long does procedure with Hyaluronic fillers last?

The treatment itself lasts from 10 to 15 minutes.

How long is the recovery after Hyaluric fillers treatment?

Good news is that after injecting hyaluronic acid fillers with the Pixel cannula technique, there is no need for recovery! You can continue with your daily routine right after the procedure.

After the hyaluronic fillers treatment you can continue with your daily routine because there is no need for recovery time.

Suggestions of experts regarding hyaluric fillers:

Safety of patients during the procedure depends on the quality of products that are used, and who is performing it.  At the „Diva“ Clinic, experts in dermatology and aesthetic surgery use registered Hyaluronic acid products of three leading world brands. Beside that, the „Diva“ Clinic is an educational center for Hyaluronic acid fillers.

Opinion of the „Diva“ Clinic’s team of experts is that once the patient leaves our clinic, should have natural look.


Whether this procedure is the right choice for a particular skin type and condition will be assessed by a specialist doctor during free consultations, and according to that, they will suggest an appropriate procedure. The number of treatments needed is individual and depends on several factors.

The results of the procedure can vary from patient to patient, and this is influenced by several factors including genetics, hormonal status, and the lifestyle of each individual.

At the “Diva” Clinic, procedures are performed by experts in plastic surgery and dermatology – consultations are FREE of charge. You can schedule your appointment by contacting us on:

+381 11 32 42 841 or +38163 338 334.


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