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After the age of 40 especially when menopause starts, most women notice a loss of skin tightness at the lower half of the face – the so-called “sagging cheeks.” It is good to treat this loss of skin tightness at the beginning to prevent further sagginess and to maintain natural beauty of the skin for as long as possible. One of the best solutions is 3D meso threads – an innovative technique for facial tightening and lifting!

3D meso threads lift is an innovative system of placing elastic threads into all levels of the skin, and in all directions. This method gives excellent results, lasting up to 2 years (depending on the skin type and the age of the patient).
The advantage of 3D meso threads is that gives a natural look after treatment.

At the “Diva” Clinic, experts in plastic surgery and dermatology examinate and discusses with the patient to determine where 3D meso threads should be placed, as well how many threads would be required.

For over 20 years, various materials have been used to tighten loose the skin. However, due to the need for a long recovery and various complications, most were discarded and replaced by meso threads, which reduced the recovery time.

What are 3D meso threads?

3D Meso threads are biodegradable fibers, completely absorbed in 4-8 months (depends on the skin type). In period of 2 months, entirely new collagen is formed in the skin, which replaces meso threads, and creates a new support network of our skin.
Their support power setted up in several directions and in several skin levels allows making a specific and strong support network in the skin, which blends harmoniously into the tissue. And that is how a strong lifting effect is achieved.
Meso threats have been used in cardiac surgery for a long period of time, and because of their benefits have been used in aesthetic medicine as well.

How does 3D meso threads facial rejuvenation procedure look like?

At the “Diva” Clinic, experts in plastic surgery and dermatology examinate and discusses with the patient to determine where 3D meso threads should be placed, as well how many would be required.
The procedure begins with the local anesthetic that is applied 15 to 20 minutes before the procedure. When the anesthetic begins to work, meso threads in fine strips are placed under the skin with extremely thin needles.

What is the effect of 3D meso threads?

After 3D meso threads procedure a lifting effect is obtained and:
  • the skin is rejuvenated,
  • look is natural,
  • normal facial mimics are preserved,
  • skin is vascularized,
  • new collagen in the skin is created,
  • cheeks get fullness,
  • skin is lifted,
  • a healthy and youthful facial appearance is achieved.

When is the effect of 3D meso threads treatment seen?

The effect of face lift is visible immediately after the procedure, and the effect is enhanced in the next 3-4 months.

For how long does 3D meso threads result lasts?

The effect lasts up to 24 months when the treatment can be repeated.

Is meso treads treatment safe?

Yes, it is completly safe, the fact is that surgical threads of the same composition are used in pediatric cardiac surgery.

What is achieved with 3D meso threads treatment?

This method can lift any part of the face:

  • the upper part of the face – around the eyes,
  • bags under eyes,
  • the middle part of the face,
  • the lower part of the face.

Meso threads are often used to treat loose skin of:

  • double chin,
  • neck,
  • neckline,

as well as for loose skin of:

  • the upper arms,
  • inner thighs,
  • knees.

What are the other benefits of 3D meso threads procedure?

  • the procedure is short(20 to 30 minutes),
  • can be combined with other aesthetic medicine methods,
  • recovery is very fast, the patient can quickly return to everyday routine.

Instructions for patients:

  • smoking and alcohol consumption or physical activity are not recommended before and after the procedure (2 hours),
  • Do not use acetylsalicylic acid or antihistamines for 3 to 7 days before and after treatment,
  • Going to the tanning booth, exposure to the bright sun, being in the sauna or washing with warm water is not recommended for 5 to 7 days.

Who should not be treated with 3D meso threads?

  • People who suffer from autoimmune diseases
  • People who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, skin infections
  • People with blood coagulation disorder
  • People who have oncological diseases

At the “Diva” Clinic, 3D meso threads procedures are performed by experts in plastic surgery and dermatologyconsultations are FREE of charge. You can schedule your appointment by contacting us on: +38111 334 21 31 or +38163 338 334.

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