laser hair removal for men – back, shoulders, chest, and belly without unwanted hair!

Laser hair removal for men is a fast, comfortable and safe way to remove unwanted hair – on a belly chest, back, shoulders, other parts of the body and face. There are several reasons and benefits why modern men choose laser hair removal.


One of them is to improve aesthetic appearance. Whether they decide to undergo laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair or for some other reason, men feel better and more confident after the procedure.

Athletes are turning to laser hair removal very often – bodybuilders, footballers, swimmers, water polo players, cyclists… The reasons are very simple:

  • they sweat less in places where hair was,
  • maintain hygiene easier after strenuous exercise,
  • reduces the possibility of unpleasant smells,
  • less chances to overheat.

The bonus is that without hair, the definition of muscles is more visible.


Those who shave or vax are aware of the possible consequences – irritation, redness, itching, burning, ingrown hairs, wasting time over and over again to remove hair … The good news is that laser hair removal prevents the formation of ingrown hair and pimples in the future, because the hair no longer grows, and the procedure is not as painful as waxing.

Laser hair removal for men – FREE consultations at Diva Clinic

You can schedule a FREE consultation for laser hair removal in Belgrade, New Belgrade or Vračar with doctors from Diva Clinic Dr. Bogdanovic at one of our clinics or specialist dermatological clinics:

  • DIVA Clinic Dr. Bogdanović – Kosovska 34 – Stari Grad
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Which lasers are used for men hair removal at Diva Clinic?

At the Diva Clinic, Light Sheer and Desire diode lasers are used for men hair removal. Those lasers provide long-lasting results. Many prestigious clinics in Europe and America are using these efficient and safe lases.

How does laser hair removal for men look like?

A computer-assisted laser beam focuses on the pigment of the hair follicle – melanin. Light energy is converted into heat that destroys the follicles. Due to the strong contact cooling system, the patient feels a slight and pleasant tingling in the skin. This is important not just for protecting the skin from overheating, it also reduces pain. Some people feel tingling during laser hair removal, which depends on the hair density and pain tolerance but doesn’t last for long.

Laser hair removal is a very safe treatment if it is done by skilled experts in aesthetic dermatology.

What are the results of hair removal for men?

Considering that these two lasers used for hair removal at Diva Clinic have an increased laser beam frequency – the benefits are multiple: reduced duration of laser hair removal treatment with long-lasting results – which is especially important for larger regions (for example, men’s backs can be done in less than 2 hours).

How long should men’s hair be before laser hair removal?

Hair should be approximately 1 mm long.

What to expect after a laser hair removal?

After the laser treatment, the skin is slightly red. It is a transient symptom that disappears very quickly (depending on the skin type, it takes from 30 minutes to several hours).

How many laser hair removal treatments for men are needed?

After the first laser hair removal treatment, hair is reduced between 20% and 30%(depending on how much hair is in the active growth phase).

For long-lasting results, 4 to 5 treatments are needed (depending on skin and hair type).

It is very important that hair removal treatments for men are done 10 to 12 weeks apart because of gender differences in the hair growth cycle. This is how the hair phases are monitored for the best results of laser removal.


Experts advise to men who decide to undergo laser hair removal:

4 weeks before and after laser hair removal is not allowed:

  • bleaching hair,
  • using tweezers,
  • waxing.

2 – 4 weeks before and after laser hair removal do not expose skin to direct sunlight.

After hair removal, avoid gym, sauna, hot tubs and swimming pools for the next 24 to 48 hours.

Who performs laser hair removal at DIVA Clinic?

At “Diva” Clinic, laser hair removal is performed by experts in aesthetic dermatology certified to work with medical lasers, with many years of experience in performing the most advanced laser treatments.


Whether this procedure is the right choice for a particular skin type and condition will be assessed by a specialist doctor during free consultations, and according to that, they will suggest an appropriate procedure. The number of treatments needed is individual and depends on several factors.

The results of the procedure can vary from patient to patient, and this is influenced by several factors including genetics, hormonal status, and the lifestyle of each individual.

At the “Diva” Clinic procedures are performed by experts in plastic surgery and dermatology – consultations are FREE of charge. You can schedule your appointment by contacting us on:

+381 11 32 42 841 or +38163 338 334.


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