Laser rejuvenation for men – for a youthful, wrinkle-free look

Laser rejuvenation is an extremely popular procedure with long-lasting results. Naturally stimulates the skin to regenerate, making it biologically younger. Research shows that an increasing number of men are taking care of their facial appearance: to increase self-confidence, to be more attractive, because of their job, etc. Self-care has become part of the daily care routine.


Why choose laser rejuvenation for men?


A youthful and nurturing look is an integral part of modern men. Even business success is determined by a self-care.

Daily responsibilities, work, stress, lack of sleep, prolonged sun exposure, diet, smoking, and genetic predisposition sooner or later lead to changes in skin pigmentation and the creation of wrinkles. Skin loses its elasticity and the skin aging is noticeable. This is why men choose facial rejuvenation methods, such as laser treatments, because they want to look the way they feel – full of energy and ready whatever life has to offer.
Therefore at the Diva Clinic, laser rejuvenation for men is tailored to their skin and their individual needs.
Men choose laser rejuvenation because the procedure is short, so they can quickly return to everyday activities. The results are long-lasting which amplifies over time. Laser rejuvenation for men can be done during lunch break.
The modern man wants to show that his work and life are without difficulties, and therefore he chooses the appropriate wardrobe, watch, hairstyle, training, as well as procedures appropriate to his skin type.

Laser rejuvenation for men – FREE consultations at Diva Clinic

You can schedule a FREE consultation for laser rejuvenation treatment in Belgrade, New Belgrade or Vračar with doctors from Diva Clinic Dr. Bogdanovic at one of our clinics or specialist dermatological clinics:

  • DIVA Clinic Dr. Bogdanović – Kosovska 34 – Stari Grad
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Laser rejuvenation for men – TwinLight laser

TwinLight fractional rejuvenation is ‘four-in-one’ procedure for:
  • restoring youthful freshness,
  • getting rid of wrinkles.
  • tightening the skin,
  • flawless complexion (which is especially evident if there is a problem with acne or acne scars).

This laser is the gold standard in aesthetic dermatology. During clinical testing, it has been proven to be minimally invasive, safe and effective, with long-lasting results.

Diva Clinic is the only one in the region that can offer this sophisticated and extremely effective treatment.

What are the results of laser rejuvenation for men?

The effects of laser rejuvenation for men are excellent, and this method:

  • improves skin tone,
  • slows the aging process,
  • minimizes the appearance of wrinkles,
  • hydrates skin,
  • removes enlarged pores and freckles,
  • and the skin is firmer and tighter.

Laser rejuvenation can remove a “tired” facial expression and restore its youthful freshness.

The laser influences the creation of new collagen and elastin in the skin and stimulates it to regenerate naturally, while at the same time refreshes and regenerates the outermost skin layer. The first results are visible after a couple of days, and the full effect is achieved after a month.


How many laser rejuvenation treatments are needed?

1 to 3 treatments are needed for long-lasting results, and exact number is determined by an expert in dermatology taking into account the patient’s age, skin type, and quality.

How long is the recovery period after the procedure?

Recovery takes 6 to 12 hours after the procedure.

Who performs laser rejuvenation for men at the Diva Clinic?

At the Diva Clinic, only experts in aesthetic surgery and dermatology are performing this procedure with powerful medical lasers.


Whether this procedure is the right choice for a particular skin type and condition will be assessed by a specialist doctor during free consultations, and according to that, they will suggest an appropriate procedure. The number of treatments needed is individual and depends on several factors.

The results of the procedure can vary from patient to patient, and this is influenced by several factors including genetics, hormonal status, and the lifestyle of each individual.

At the “Diva” Clinic procedures are performed by experts in plastic surgery and dermatology – consultations are FREE of charge. You can schedule your appointment by contacting us on:

+381 11 32 42 841 or +38163 338 334.


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