Irena Jovanović

TV host, anchorwoman

I get up at 3.15 am in the morning for the show “Svitanje”, because I work on TV Pink. A lack of sleep and heavy studio makeup are a big challenge for skin. Under the spotlights, natural “breathing” of my skin through closed pores is not possible for a few hours a day. So I have to take care of my skin and its health and appearance.
Since I have met Dr. Bogdanovic and her team of experts at the Diva Clinic, my concern turned into indulgence and entertainment. Depending on the time of the year, we apply one of the three procedures – discrete and long-lasting hyaluronic fillers, which are affecting on the reduction of wrinkles and restore vigor of the skin and moisturize it from the inside, nutritious mesotherapy – which provides all the necessary ingredients for my skin and very powerful laser treatments that help my skin to regenerate, tighten and be flexible because they stimulate the production of collagen.
That way the skin gets all it needs for youthfulness, and the mimics that characterize my TV expression leave no wrinkles.

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