Nina Radulović

TV host, anchorwoman, journalist

In our house my son Lav answers the phone and if I am not present he says: “Mom went to the Diva Clinic so she would return to me even more beautiful.” So my middle name became Diva.

After all the changes in life that “leave marks” on the skin and leave a trail, I found a solution to the problems with ingrown hairs, stretch marks, and first wrinkles. I have met Diva Clinic`s team of experts by chance, with a clear intention to professionally and carefully take care of me, they became part of my biography.

My mom Goca, which I have watched every morning with coffee in her hands, giving me my own private tutorial on make-up and hairstyles, she taught me that although I have the youth on my side, I have to cherish it so I can be satisfied with my appearance even when I am 60 years old.

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